The Fine Food Company is an established wholesale supplier of high-quality speciality food for chefs, operating across Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Hampshire Bath and Bristol.
We supply a wide range of fresh, ambient and frozen food products of the highest standard to the catering industry, sourcing fresh, handpicked produce direct from speciality food markets and manufacturers.

We regularly visit New Covent Garden & Smithfield Market, London to source and supply a comprehensive range of wholesale food products for our customers’ requirements. Our suppliers include local specialist food producers for specific products such as game, meat, dairy and all seasonal produce.

We understand the importance of service and operate a reliable next day delivery service. We also provide a next day courier service to areas outside our standard delivery zones.
Our friendly, service orientated and experienced team will be able to advise you on our full range of wholesale food products.

What's good in May?


The purple-green florets of this variety of broccoli have a slightly wild look and grow on slender, leafy stems of varying lengths. Perfect with pasta, chicken and fish. Boiled or steamed, purple sprouting broccoli makes an excellent side dish tossed in butter or oil. Or serve them in a sauce with pasta or as a starter, covered in hollandaise.


With their range and depth of eye catching colours, they are visually very appealing but it is the wonderful flavour and aroma that sets them apart. They are typified by the array of variety types, shapes, colours, sizes and flavours.


The first garlic crop of the season, known as ‘wet garlic’ because it has not been hung up to dry, is in stock now. The huge juicy cloves give wet garlic a particularly creamy flavour, and the texture is quite different from that of dried garlic. The internal skins have not formed so the whole head can be chopped and used as a seasoning. The heads can also be roasted whole and the creamy cooked garlic is delicious spread on toast or mixed with butter and used on vegetables or in baked potatoes. The flavour is strong, but smooth and not at all bitter. While the stalks are fresh and green they can be cooked like leeks or finely sliced and used to make soup, omelettes or garnish salads.


Westland’s growing collection is the newest addition to the expanding Westland’s range of ingredients. This collection is Micro Leaf and Cress products grown soil free, conveniently supplied still growing and presented in a punnet. Grown in the UK, the collection has been designed for use by Chefs in demanding kitchens. The freshness and flexibility of this collection make an ideal ingredient or garnish to compliment any dish. The punnet contains Purple Radish, Broccoli, Daikon, Purple Shiso, Green Shiso and Red Amaranth.