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A member of the cabbage family, kale comes in two forms: kale, which has smooth leaves, and curly kale, which has crinkly leaves. Make your own Kale chips, remove the central stalk, and then oven bake leaves with olive oil and salt for 20mins.


Leeks are very versatile and work well cooked in various recipes or as a side dish. Two of the world’s most famous soups, Scotland’s cock-a-leekie and France’s crème vichyssoise, are based around them.

Spring Onions

Serve spring onions in salads, or sprinkled over Chinese dishes (particularly steamed fish), or stirred into raita or traditional Irish champ (mashed potatoes speckled with chopped spring onions). They can also be brushed with olive oil and chargrilled whole.


Spinach is an enormously popular green vegetable. The bitter flavour is distinctive – you either love it or hate it – and particularly complements dairy products and eggs.

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Spring Green Cabbage

A squeaky-leaved spring green cabbage is a thing of beauty and vitality. Fragrant and nutty, this cabbage is perfect in spring, crispy salads and also great in bubble and squeak, with smoked bacon and a poached egg.


Often thought of as just ‘a bite on the side’, the humble radish, with its crisp, crunchy texture and distinctive peppery bite, is a deliciously versatile snack or ingredient, perfect for adding a subtle kick to salads, sandwiches, stir fries and more.

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Jersey Royal New Potatoes

There’s no mistaking the taste of Jersey Royal New Potatoes. Their unique flavour comes from Jersey’s rich fertile earth, gentle climate and the way our farmers grow them. They’ve been doing it for generations. And every time you taste a Jersey Royal you can tell.


Borage is a plant with blue flowers that was introduced to Britain by the Romans and grows wild in some areas. Its leaves, flowers and stalks are edible and taste a little like cucumber. Borage leaves are good in salads, yoghurt or cream cheese mixtures, or served with shellfish.


Sorrel leaves are generally large, bright-green and arrow-shaped with a smooth, crisp texture. Sorrel has a remarkably bright and even tart flavor. Many people liken its taste to lemons, which makes sense since there is a real note of sourness in there.

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Flat Parsley

Particularly good at the moment and much more pungent and flavoursome than its curly cousin, often called Italian parsley. Stalks for the stock pot, leaves for Salsa Verde or mixed with garlic and lemon zest to make Gremolata.