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Here's an overview of the current specials and promotions we have on here at The Fine Food Company

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"Seasonal Specials"


Turkey Butterfly 5Kg approx.
Pork Chipolata Sausages 1Kg approx.
Female Duck Breast x 2
Large Duck Legs for confit x 2
Venison Saddle 4.5Kg approx.

Somerset Beef Fillet 3Kg+
Somerset Beef Striploin 7Kg+
Somerset Beef Ribeye 3Kg+
Pork Loin (B&R) 6Kg+
Lamb Legs - Boned or Whole 3Kg approx.

Dry Store

Cooking Style Port 3ltr
Cooking Wine Red or White 3ltr
Goose/Duck Fat for confit 3.5kg tin
Cranberry Sauce 2.5kg
Vac-Pac Chestnuuts 1kg
Matthew Walker Christmas Puddings 36 x 100g
Mini Mince Pies x 108
Assorted Chocolate Truffles x 100
Griottine Cherries in Kirsch 1ltr jar
Callebaut 80% Callets Extra bitter 2.5kg
Vegetable Oil 20ltr
Wholegrain & Dijon Mustard both 5kg tubs
Tinned Tuna in Brine 1.88kg
Jumbo Green Olives 3kg
Sweet Chestnut Puree 1kg
Natural Chestnut Puree 900g


French Brie 1kg
Godminster Organic Cheddar 1kg
Wyke Farms Mature Cheddar 5kg
Dorset Clotted Cream 1kg
Goats Cheese Log 1kg


Forestiere Terrine 1.3kg
Sliced Serrano Ham 500g
French Gnocchi 500g
Hot Smoked Chicken Breast x 2
Semi Dried Cherry Tomoatoes in Oil 1.2kg


Boiron Purees 1kg - Raspberry, Strawberry or Blackberry
Cinnamon Ice Cream 4ltr
Dark Chocolate & Orange Ice Cream 4ltr
Bucks Fizz Sorbet 2ltr
Flat White Coffee Ice Cream 4ltr

Non Food

Blue Centre Rolls 6 in a case
Silicon Baking Mats 600 x 400
Tin Foil 450mm x 75mm
Clingfilm Refills 450mm x 300mm or 300mm x 300mm
Ice Cream Containers 2ltr x 10

New products now in just in time for Christmas!

Dried Sultanas 3kg
Pitted Dates 3kg
Dried Raisins 3kg
Dried Apricots 3kg